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Creatine by ProVital

Creatine by ProVital
Creatine by ProVital

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PROVITAL CREATINE is a high quality supplement used to assist in boosting strength and stamina in all Racing Pigeons. This product is a Racing Pigeon Supplement it is recommended to be used by dusting on the feed or mix in the feed.  We are proud and confident that this nutritional Racing Supplement, is going to provide the natural edge for your birds to win that race and maintain a healthy life. In our loft we use this product as an aid to assist the athletic development of our birds, and it has provided us with great results and given our birds that nutritive edge to live a healthy and productive life while enduring the long flights. We use Provital Creatine in our loft with great success.


   * Increases strength
   * Has Creatine Monohydrate/Dextrose
   * Increase muscle size improving strength and power
   * Improves athletic performance
   * Gives peak power output by replenishing ATP
   * Maximizes the body energy production
   * May act as a lactic acid buffer allowing longer flights
   * It has been found vital to the transfer of energy across the cell
   * Enhances energy and stamina

Indication & dosage:

   - Administer : 4 g (1 level scoop) to 1 kilo of food for 15 days.
   - After loading dose, administer 1/2 a scoop per 1 kilo of feed daily for the racing season, or during the races.

This product can be used in conjunction with any of the Pro Vital products.



Container of 227 gr

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Composition and Indications: creatine, provital, grit, and, minerals

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