Feed Supplement 1 kg by Pharma - Dr. Van der Sluis

Pigeon Product - Feed Supplement 1 kg by Pharma - Dr. Van der Sluis - vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements - Racing Pigeons

Feed Supplement 1 kg by Pharma - Dr. Van der Sluis
Feed Supplement 1 kg by Pharma - Dr. Van der Sluis

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Feed Supplement 1 kg by Pharma - Dr. Van der Sluis is magistral prepared complete food supplement which will give a spectacular improvement of the condition in racing pigeons.

- For situations of lack of vitamins, minerals and amino acids
- Helps digestion
- Strengthens the body's defenses
- Improve metabolism
- Provides extra energy
- Improving fitness
- Promotes fertility
- Stimulates the growth of chicks
- Promotes the fall plumage during molting and provides nutrients necessary for the formation of the new plumage

VITAMINS: Vit A 450000, vitD3 100000, vit E 3000 mg, vitB1 250 mg, vitB2 260 mg, Nicotinamide 1000 mg, vitB5 0,8 mg, vitB6 250 mg, Folineacid 25 mg, Biotine 4000 mcg, vitK3 30mg, vitC 13000 mg.

AMINO ACIDS: Analine 6.65 gr, Arginine 6,82 gr, Asparagineacid 7,56 gr, Fenylalanine 4,30 gr, Cystine 2,26 gr, Glutamineacid 14,80 gr, Glycine 5,00 gr, Histidine 2,92 gr, Isoleucine 3,95 gr, Leucine 9,50 gr, Lysine 4,62 gr, Methionine 1.90 gr, Proline 6,90 gr, Serine 5,00 gr, Thyreonine 4,50 gr, Tryptofaan 1.00 gr, Thyrosine 3,71 gr, Valine 5,62 gr.

MINERALS AND TRACE ELEMENTS: Calcium - Potassium - Manganese - Chlorine - Iron - Cobalt - Magnesium - Zinc - Selenium - Chrome

- Racing pigeons: the first 2 days of the week.
- Breeders: with the young in the nest, giving all week.
- Young weaned: 3 days a week.
- Moulting: 2 days a week

Mix the feed with some oil and sprinkle 1 measure spoon over 1 kilo of food.

Box of 1 KG

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