Nathur Plus - Probiotic - by Ibercare

Pigeon Product - Nathur Plus - Probiotic - by Ibercare - Racing Pigeons

Nathur Plus - Probiotic - by Ibercare
Nathur Plus - Probiotic - by Ibercare

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Nathur Plus by Ibercare (Probiotic) for Racing Pigeons and Cage Birds

Compatible with all Antibiotics.
- Preventing gastro intestinal disturbance.
- For the stabilization of the intesinal flora in unspecific intestinal catarrh and Diarrheas.
- After deworming or coccidiosis treatment.
- During and following antibiotic therapies or chemotherapeutic treatment of salmonellosis or other bacterial intestinal infections.
- In stress conditions (caging, p.e.) with digestive disturbances.
9x10⁹ C.F.U. (Colony Forming Units) of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Yeast) per gram.
Instructions for use:
- Dissolve one spoon of Nathur Plus-granulate powder in a half cup of warm water. - Mix this Probiotic-solution into two liters of drinking water:
- Prevention: use this procedure twice a week.
- Stabilization: use this procedure until the erradication of the symptoms.
- Deworming or coccidiosis treatment: use this procedure in the 3 following days after the treatment.
- Antibiotic therapies: use this procedure during the treatment and in the 3 following days.
- Stress conditions: use this procedure while exposed.
Bottle of 80 gr water soluble granulate

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Composition and Indications: nathur, plus, ibercare, grit, and, minerals, probiotic, vitamins

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