CG30 Superforme NF + BCAA by Genette

CG30 Superforme NF + BCAA by Genette
CG30 Superforme NF + BCAA by Genette

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Superform CG 30 tablets NF Genette were developed to make the pigeons and vitamin tonic elements necessary to achieve good performance in the competition and allowing them to effectively fight against fatigue.
Administered before the race, tablets Superform CG 30 NF exert a tonic effect and give the pigeons a vitamin supplement that will increase their stamina. The return of the competition, they help the pigeon to recover faster and better prepare for the next step.
The tonic, restorative and anti-fatigue tablets NF Superform CG 30 result of the synergistic combination of vitamin C, taurine and BCAAs.
- The vitamin C supplementation in pigeons is justified especially in times when competition is necessary to cover the extensive needs due to intense efforts and products to the fatigue experienced.
Fatigue makes the pigeon exposed to many infections and diseases, and vitamin C helps the body defend itself against these attacks.
- Taurine exerts a tonic effect on the nervous system of pigeon and stimulates the metabolism, helping to fight against fatigue, recovering from its efforts and produce the best performance.
- The BCAA is a combination of amino acids very effective against fatigue and recovery.

• Vit C 30 mg
• Magnesium glutamat 4,5 mg
• L-Leucine 3 mg
• L-Valine 2 mg
• L-Isoleucine 1,5 mg
• anti-agglom: magnes, stear, silic, diox, cellulose

As anti-fatigue:
- 1 tablet back from the stage and the next day.

To prepare for competition:
- Speed ​​and steps up to 300 km: 1 tablet two days before the race.
- Half-distance (300 to 500 km): 1 tablet four days before the race.
- Background (500 to 1000 km): 1 tablet five days before enlogernent.

  Bottle of 100 tablets

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Composition and Indications: cg30, superforme, bcaa, genette, grit, and, minerals

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