Forte-Vita 500ml - vitamins and minerals - by Travipharma

Pigeon Products - Forte-Vita 500ml - minerals, trace elements - by Travipharma - Racing Pigeons

Forte-Vita 500ml - vitamins and minerals - by Travipharma
Forte-Vita 500ml - vitamins and minerals - by Travipharma

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Forte-Vita 500ml by Travipharma is a powerful natural product that maintains optimum health in your colony. This elixir contains minerals, trace elements and a very balanced herbal extract in an organic acid.
This product activates the body and brings it in top condition. It is recommended to give Forte-Vita after antibiotic treatment against intestinal disorders and to enhance the overall resistance.
     - Increases natural resistance;
     - Positive effect on the purification of the blood and stamina;
     - Supports the metabolism and condition;
     - Improves flight performance;
     - Stimulates the appetite and digestion;
     - Strengthens the moult and feather molting;
     - Provides the muscles after physical exertion.
Target species:
Pigeons and cagebirds.

An extract of carefully tuned different spices, supplemented with magnesium chloride and choline chloride in an organic acid.
Dosage and method of administration:
For oral administration through the drinking water. Shake well before use.
     •   Pigeons
Dosage: 5 ml per 1 liter of drinking water, for 2- 3 days per week.
For boy, the first 14 days of daily administration. For 3 days per week (can be given daily).
* Give Forte-Vita 14 consecutive days in weaned pigeon / deposited boy, to prevent relapse.
* Add 10 ml Forte-Vita per 5 liters of bath water to a shiny, sleek and healthy plumage.
     •   Cagebirds
Dosage: 2.5 ml per 500 ml drinking water.
For boy, the first 14 days of daily administration. For 3 days per week (can be given daily).

Bottle of 500 ml

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