ImmunBooster 500g - immune system - by Rohnfried

Pigeon Product - ImmunBooster 500g - immune system - by Rohnfried - Racing Pigeons

ImmunBooster 500g - immune system - by Rohnfried
ImmunBooster 500g - immune system - by Rohnfried

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ImmunBooster 500g by Rohnfried promotes attention and responsiveness of the immune system and protects the health of the pigeons from the inside. For the first time we use in immune booster functional trace elements such as copper and zinc, which are extremely well available for the deaf and round the formulation of this innovation with mycotoxin (fungus poison) binders from. As the powder prebiotic components, alliin, the precursor of allicin, and colostrum are included to the pigeons in times of stress to help in the immune booster.

- Yeasts
- Calcium carbonate
- Charcoal
- Lithothamn
- Wheat fiber
- Colostrum
- Zinc
- Copper
- Iron
- Glycine

How to use:
- Dosage: 10 gr of product for each 20 pigeons
- Before stressful situations (exhibitions, contests, trainings) 3-5 consecutive days
- After the flights, for 3 consecutive days
- During breeding, twice a week
- During moulting, twice a week
- Young birds, 4 times a week
- During convalescent processes, give daily
- Vaccinations. Give treatment for 7 days before vaccination
- Immunbooster improves its effectiveness when combined with Rohnfried Hexembier.

Container of 500gr

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