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Drinker for pigeons - 12L Plastic Drinker with handle
Bullet shaped plastic drinker with handle on top, large funnel for easier cleaning. 12 Liter C..
Feeder for pigeons - No Waste Feeder 10 Holes 32" and 40"
No feed waste out on the floor. Flat top. 10 Holes L32" and L40" ..
Feeder for pigeons - Wood Slant Box 12" and 24"
L12" and L24"- Slant box feeder - Wood ..
Pigeon Accessorie - Black Eye Loop 5X and 10X
Plastic Eye Loop Color: Black 5X and 10X ..
Pigeon Accessorie - Catching Net square or round 14" and 16"
Catching Net square or round 14" and 16" ..
Rings/Bands for racing pigeons - Plastic Clip Numbered Rings 50pk 1 to 50
Available in Colors - Red, Blue, Sky blue, Purple, Gray, Green, Pink, Lime green, Yellow, Lavender ..
Rings/Bands for racing pigeons - Plastic Strip Rings 50pk
Strip Bands Available in Colors - Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange. 50 Rings per bag..
Rings/Bands for pigeons - Roller Pigeons-50 Rings/bag, made of coiled plastic
Strong, flexible, made of coiled plastic. Color: Red, Orange, Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Bl..
Stainless Stell Feeder with anti landing 32" and 47"
Anti landing bar and with rolled edges for safety. L 32" and 42" ..
Vita B Complexo by Avizoon
Vita B Complexo by Avizoon is a complex based vitamin B vitamins for pigeons. Directions:..
Extra energy 400g - Vitamins - Electrolytes - by Backs
Extra energy by Backs contains high-quality coal hydrates, vitamin B12, vitamin C and electrolytes. ..
Mais-Keimol 250 ml and 500ml - corn germ oil - by Backs
Mais-Keimol 250 ml and 500ml by Backs is corn germ oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, so it conta..
Bath Salts Badesalz by Backs
A weekly bath with Backs bath salts keeps pigeons vermin-free and ensures a well-groomed, silky plum..

Pigeon Products International

Pigeons Products International is an online store with the highest range of products for racing pigeons, pigeons sports, race, pouter, class, etc. dedicated solely and exclusively to the pigeons. Here you can find everything you need for our birds, such as creating a good medicine cabinet and essential accessories with international products.

Pigeons Products International you can find medicines, vitamins, recovery, antibiotics etc ...

Accessories such as feeders, drinkers, accessories for breeding, boxes,box for moulting, cages, transports, baskets etc, a shop dedicated solely and exclusively for pigeons ...