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Vita B Complexo by Avizoon
Vita B Complexo by Avizoon is a complex based vitamin B vitamins for pigeons. Directions:..
Extra energy 400g - Vitamins - Electrolytes - by Backs
Extra energy by Backs contains high-quality coal hydrates, vitamin B12, vitamin C and electrolytes. ..
Mais-Keimol 250 ml and 500ml - corn germ oil - by Backs
Mais-Keimol 250 ml and 500ml by Backs is corn germ oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, so it conta..
Bath Salts Badesalz by Backs
A weekly bath with Backs bath salts keeps pigeons vermin-free and ensures a well-groomed, silky plum..
Expert Mischung 5 kg by Backs
Expert Backs Mischung is a high quality product that combines minerals, trace elements and essent..
Meister-Mix 500 gr by Backs
Meister-Mix is a 100% natural compound based on a mix of plants and vegetables. very beneficial for ..
Rodimin 1 kg by Backs
Rodimin by Backs is popular feed addition which pigeons absorb particularly easily during breeding! ..
Vitamin E + selen by Backs
Vitamin E + selen controls the metabolism of carbohydrates and muscle metabolism, regulates the bala..
Lecithin + 250ml by Backs
Indications: - Improved regeneration properties. - Improved physical performance. - Promotes the ..
Total Recovery 250 pills by BelgaVet
Total Recovery 250 pills by BelgaVet is a product scientifically designed to ensure perfect recovery..
RedBeet 400g - Beet 100% natural - by BelgaVet
RedBeet 400g by BelgaVet is a 100% natural product extracted from red beets with very beneficial pro..
Bevepe 400 pills - anti-thirst pill - by BelgaVet
Bevepe 400 pills by Belgavet the ‘anti-thirst’ pill. Concentrated minerals in tablet form. It helps ..
Oregano BVP 10% - 1000ml - by BelgaVet
DESCRIPTION: • Feed supplement for race pigeons. • Keeps your birds very healthy, it can be gi..
Bevepe 100 pills by BelgaVet
Bevepe, the ‘anti-thirst’ pill. Concentrated minerals in tablet form. It helps the bird fly longer w..
Biceptorax by BelgaVet
- It is a high performance conditioner for racing pigeons. - Biceptorax contains a complete range..

Pigeon Products International

Pigeons Products International is an online store with the highest range of products for racing pigeons, pigeons sports, race, pouter, class, etc. dedicated solely and exclusively to the pigeons. Here you can find everything you need for our birds, such as creating a good medicine cabinet and essential accessories with international products.

Pigeons Products International you can find medicines, vitamins, recovery, antibiotics etc ...

Accessories such as feeders, drinkers, accessories for breeding, boxes,box for moulting, cages, transports, baskets etc, a shop dedicated solely and exclusively for pigeons ...