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Mais-Keimol 250 ml and 500ml - corn germ oil - by Backs
Mais-Keimol 250 ml and 500ml by Backs is corn germ oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, so it conta..
Maxi-Kraft by Röhnfried
Racing Energy/breeding power for racing pigeons - SHORT DISTANCES: 2 pills 2 days before basketin..
Medicarb by Medpet
Medicarb by Medpet, ultimate powder supplement formulated to optimize energy reserves. INDICATION..
Medilyte by MedPet
Medilyte by MedPet a special mixture of electrolytes and specific amino-acids for the correction of ..
Medimune 250gr powder by Medpet
Medimune is powerful immune activator and potent anti-oxidant. Recommended as a general preventative..
Meister-Mix 500 gr by Backs
Meister-Mix is a 100% natural compound based on a mix of plants and vegetables. very beneficial for ..
Methio Forte 300 gr - moulting - by Herbots
Methio Forte 300 gr by Herbots contains an exceptional high level of DL Methionine (33%), also the m..
Mineral Plus 400 ml by Beyers
DESCRIPTION: - Extra minerals for growing up and during the breeding - After medical treatment o..
Minerals BVP 500 ml by Belgavet
Use minerals BVP as feed supplement and as Conditioner for pigeons. Helps if you have a poor eggshel..
Moulting and Breeding 700gr - breeding season - by Pigeon Vitality
Moulting and Breeding 700gr by Pigeon Vitality is powder made from small energy rich grains suppleme..
Mucus Powder by Oropharma (respiratory tract)
Mucus Powder by Oropharma contains components that positively affect the respiration and digestion. ..
Multivit Mix - Vitamin Deficiency - by DAC
Multivit mix by DAC is a high concentrated multivitamin mixture for prevention of deficiencies in fo..
Multivitamin Forte 500ml - medication cycle - stress - by Giantel
Multivitamin Forte 500ml by Giantel is given after a medication cycle, after vaccination against e.g..
Multivitamins 500ml - stress extreme - by Pantex
Multivitamins 500ml by Pantex is used after a cure of medication, after vaccination of f.e. paramixo..
Mumm 400 gr - Recovery - by Rohnfried
Mumm 400 gr by Rohnfried is a high quality energy tonic for racing pigeons. Indications: - Water..

Pigeon Products International

Pigeons Products International is an online store with the highest range of products for racing pigeons, pigeons sports, race, pouter, class, etc. dedicated solely and exclusively to the pigeons. Here you can find everything you need for our birds, such as creating a good medicine cabinet and essential accessories with international products.

Pigeons Products International you can find medicines, vitamins, recovery, antibiotics etc ...

Accessories such as feeders, drinkers, accessories for breeding, boxes,box for moulting, cages, transports, baskets etc, a shop dedicated solely and exclusively for pigeons ...