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Perches - Blue Plastic Perch with wood 9.5"x4.75"x4.5"
Plastic perch with wood standing. 9 1/2"x 4 3/4"x 4 1/2" Blue ..
Perches - Gray Plastic Perch 10"x4.5"x4"
Plastic perch mounts on wall with 3 screws. 10"x 4 1/2"x 4" Gray ..
Perches - Stainless Steel Perch with 10"x4.5"x4.75"
Stainless steel perch with wood standing. 10"x 4 1/2"x 4 3/4" ..
Perches - White Plastic Perch 8.75"x 3.75"x 4.75"
Plastic perch is easy to install and easy to remove. 8 3/4"x 3 3/4"x 4 3/4" White ..
Perches - Wood Box Perches 36.5"x60"x9.5" for 15 Pigeons
Pressed wood. Easy to assemble. 36 1/2"x 60"x 9 1/2" 15 Pigeons ..
Perches - Wood Box Perches 47.5"x60"x9.5" for 20 Pigeons
Pressed wood. Easy to assemble. 47 1/2"x60"x 9 1/2" 20 Pigeons ..
Perches - Wood Slant Perches W32"x H55"x D9" for 15 Pigeons
Wood kit form with sloping perches. Easy to assemble. W32"x H55"x D9" ..
Perches - Wood Slant Perches W42"xH55"xD9" for 20 Pigeons
Wood kit form with sloping perches. Easy to assemble. W42"x H55"x D9" ..
Perches - Wood V Perch 7.5"x4.5"x3.5"
Ideal for Roller Pigeon. V wood perch mounts on wall with 2 screws. 7 1/2"x 4 1/2&qu..

Pigeon Products International

Pigeons Products International is an online store with the highest range of products for racing pigeons, pigeons sports, race, pouter, class, etc. dedicated solely and exclusively to the pigeons. Here you can find everything you need for our birds, such as creating a good medicine cabinet and essential accessories with international products.

Pigeons Products International you can find medicines, vitamins, recovery, antibiotics etc ...

Accessories such as feeders, drinkers, accessories for breeding, boxes,box for moulting, cages, transports, baskets etc, a shop dedicated solely and exclusively for pigeons ...