Jet Stream 500gr - JETSTREAM - racing performance - by Vydex

Pigeon Product - Jet Stream 500gr - JETSTREAM - racing performance - by Vydex - Racing Pigeons

Jet Stream 500gr - JETSTREAM - racing performance - by Vydex
Jet Stream 500gr - JETSTREAM - racing performance - by Vydex
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Jet Stream 500gr - JETSTREAM is Creatine delivery system. The finding of research suggests that Creatine works best when combined with carbohydrate and vitamin C. It is now well established that Creatine significantly supports athletic performance, therefore if you are not yet using Creatine your not racing your pigeons on a level playing field.
Those competitors using Creatine do have an advantage over the faciers not providing Creatine to their pigeons. Pigeon Racing is changing and therefore, so must the attitude of fanciers. Supplementation is no longer considered a luxury. Adding supplements such as Creatine to the diet of your racers is now considered a vital part of overall winning management strategy.
Simply put, Creatine improves endurance and explosive energy performance significantly. Creatine is naturally found in muscle tissue; boosting intramuscular levels and boosts performance!

- Improved muscle performance
- Provides energy reserves to the muscles, increasing resistance in flight
- Increases strength for demanding flights
- Prevents muscle damage
- Promotes muscle recovery after flights
- Prevents muscle soreness
- Containing added electrolytes to prevent dehydration

. Purified concentrated hydrolysate of branch chain carbohydrate polymers
. Spray dried glucose syrup
. Creatine
. L-Carnitine
. N-Dimethylglycine HCL
. Vitamin C from Ascorbic acid
. Beta-Carotene
. Calcium Caseinate
. Biotin
. Histidine
. L-Methionine
. Gamma Amino Butyric Acid
. Fortified with B vitamins

Dosage and administration:
- Mix 20g of Jet Stream to a small amount of tepid water. Mix thoroughly until dissolved. Add solution to one litre of water, to dilute to an appropriate serving concentration
- Manage Jet Stream 2-3 times a week finishing the day before basketing

Format: Container of 500gr

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