Pigeon Economy Plus by ProVital

Pigeon Economy Plus by ProVital
Pigeon Economy Plus by ProVital Pigeon Economy Plus by ProVital

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Pigeon Economy Plus by ProVital a product that contans vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics for Racing Pigeons.

This product has been formulated for the Pigeon industry or Pigeon fancier. This formula contains ingredients to produce savings in all pigeon loft operations to maintain quality with ingredients like vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, omega fatty acids and digestive enzymes.Provital Pigeon Economy Plus can be used by pigeon fanciers as well as pigeon producers. Provital Pigeon Economy Plus, is a quality product and economically feasible for small or large pigeon loft or comercial operations.  This product is also formulated for the high producing Pigeon species intended for meat and or egg production and maintenance.


   * Vitamins
   * Minerals
   * Electrolytes
   * Proprietary blend of probiotics.
   * PROVITAL’S® BIO-TAG Oligosaccharide
   * Yucca schidigera for fecal control
   * Digestive Enzyme


   - This product is safe to be used as a feed or water additive.
   - This product will increase Fertility, Hatchability, Egg production, and decrease mortality.

Indication & dosage:

* This product is safe to be used as a feed or water additive.

- Use one scoop per gallon of water, three days a week. In times of stress, double amount.
- Use in the feed at the rate of 1 scoop per 5 lb of feed.
- Do not store solution for more than 24 hours. Discard un-used solution.

Container of 227 gr

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Composition and Indications: pigeon, economy, plus, provital, grit, and, minerals

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