Sugar glucose + by Genette

Sugar glucose + by Genette
Sugar glucose + by Genette

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The high level of performance that any fancier would like to see achieved by the pigeons leads to high energy demands during both contests and farmed.

SUGAR GLUCOSE WITH GLUTAMINE AND VITAMIN has been formulated to provide the pigeon energizing nutrients needed for high performance sports and harmonious development of the nestlings.

SUGAR GLUCOSE + GENETTE GLUTAMINE WITH VITAMIN AND GLUCOSE is rich, a true "fuel" of the living cell which is directly assimilated and stored by the body.

During the intense efforts to provide assistance in the muscles of the pigeon consume only glucose and when reserves are depleted, the pigeon must "burn" its own muscles in order to find energy sources for continuing of its flight.

GLUCOSE good reserves are absolutely essential to the shape of pigeons: they are more important, more pigeons will fly. Moreover, if the return of the competition, a pigeon has not completely exhausted its reserves of glucose, it will recover much better and faster.

During breeding, will draw in young GLUCOSE calories needed for their rapid growth and breeding will find an important energy supply, able to keep them in good shape.

Glutamine is the amino acid most used by the muscles of pigeons severely tested during the competition.

It plays an important role in muscle activity in promoting the performance and faster recovery after exercise.

It also plays an important role in promoting the growth of young pigeons.

VITAMIN C plays an important role in cell metabolism. The need for vitamin C in the body during times of increased stress and fatigue, and while the pigeon is able to synthesize vitamin C necessary for its normal requirements, additional input is needed during competition.

The amount of vitamin C present in the glucose + GENETTE ® SUGAR WITH GLUTAMINE AND VITAMIN was calculated to help the pigeon to recover from the fatigue of the contest, to allow him to fight against stress-induced basketing and transport and compensates food shortages often result in poor control of the amount of feed given to pigeons during basketing and transport and the lack of green food during this period.

VITAMIN C also stimulates defense responses of the pigeon's body against infections which are frequently exposed.


1. During the contest, adding, every day, 2 teaspoons Sugar Glucose + GENETTE ® WITH GLUTAMINE AND VITAMIN one liter of drinking water.

2. During breeding, to producers on youth and young weaned, 1-2 teaspoons Sugar Glucose + GENETTE ® WITH GLUTAMINE AND VITAMIN per liter of drinking water each day.

NB - It is necessary to replace the daily drinking water of pigeons by a freshly prepared drink.

- Glucose,
- L-Glutamine,
- Vitamin C.

- 400 gr box.

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Composition and Indications: sugar, glucose, genette, antibiotics

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