Bronchofit 500ml by Herbots

Bronchofit 500ml by Herbots
Bronchofit 500ml by Herbots Bronchofit 500ml by Herbots

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Bronchofit is a specially composed concentrated herbal drink to make preparation by the pigeon fancier simple. It excellently supports the bronchial tubes, has a blood-purifying action, cleaning the complete organism of various waste products.


- Marsh mallow: expectorant. Helps aginst bronchitis and infections of the bronchial tubes.
- Mallow: stops infections and has a bloodpurifying operation.
- Aaron's rod: has a positive influence on the digestive system and expectorant.
- Thyme: expectorant, is ideal against bronchitis and throat infections. It is also ideal to calm the pigeon down after an effort.
- Liquorice: stimulates the adrenal cortex. Also stops infections and is an expectorant. It also purifies the liver after an effort and has a muscle-relaxing action.
- Anise fruit:
- Fennel fruit: stops infections, also stimulates appetite.
- Poppy: stimulates recovery and relaxes after heavy races.
- Elderberry: stimulates blood circulation and is an expectorant. It diminishes the risk of various infections.
- Hyssop: is an expectorant herb exerting a positive influence on the lungs.
- Eucalyptus: works antiseptic, expectorant. It also has a positive effect on the relaxation of muscles upon arrival.


1 soupspoon per litre of water
- 1 month before the race season a treatment of 2 weeks.
- During the winter season a treatment of 3 weeks, the 1st and 2nd day after arrival.

- 500 ml bottle

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Composition and Indications: bronchofit, 500ml, herbots, antibiotics

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