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Prodigest by Herbots

Prodigest by Herbots
Prodigest by Herbots

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Prodigest by Herbots is a well balanced mixture of vitamins, aminoacids, electrolytes and enterococcus faecium. This product has a unique composition, stimulating the pigeon's natural resistance. The feathers become soft, the breast flesh becomes more pink and the pigeons lose more down. The composition of the vitamins and aminoacids result in faster recovery and condition. Thanks to the electrolytes present, the pigeons will become more round, good action of the intake of liquid guarantees build-up of muscles. Enterococcus faecium, the added probiotic, gurantees good action of the intestinal flora, the organism is stimulated. Therefore,we recommend to have this product available to protect young pigeons against the feared adeno virus.

The structure of prodigest - when added to the feed - makes feed easier digestible, resulting in higher resistance and faster build-up of condition.

After vaccination, it is also recommended to support the pigeon

Vitamins, aminoacids, electrolytes and enterococcus faecium.
Vitamines: A (3800 IE), D3 (380 IE), E (0.75 IE), K3 (400 µg), Foliumzuur (15 µg), Nicotinamine (40 µg), B1 (1.5 µg), B2 (75 µg), B6 (1.5 µg), B12 (23 µg), Biotine (750 µg), Panthothenaat (300 µg), C (39.8 mg)
Electrolyten: Magnesium (6.55 mg), Potassium (26.9 mg), NaCl (36.55 mg)
Andere ingrediënten: Dextrose, TSCD (Tri sodium citraat dihydraat)
0.5 miljard levensvatbare goedaardige E.faecium cellen per gram Prodigest.

Instruction for use:
- 2 coffee spoon per kg feed or 1 coffee spoon per litre of water, the 1st and 3rd day after arrival, or for a period of 3 subsequent days.
- In case of lack of balance in the intestines, for a period of 7 days together with HERBOTS 4 OILS.


Size: Container of 250gr

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Composition and Indications: prodigest, herbots, grit, and, minerals

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