Form-Mix Plus by Oropharma - Versele Laga

Form-Mix Plus by Oropharma - Versele Laga
Form-Mix Plus by Oropharma - Versele Laga

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Form-Mix Plus + Red beetroot by Oropharma - Versele - Laga is complementary feed for pigeons. Oropharma Form-Mix Plus is a condition powder with vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, supplemented with red beetroot powder. It supports health and condition in a natural way. Red beetroot improves endurance performance.

Directions for use:
Moisten your grain mixture with 1 tablespoon (= 15 ml) of Energy Oil Blend by ProVital per kg of feed. To this mix, add 1 tablespoon of Form-Mix Plus powder, stir it vigorously and let it dry for 1 to 2 hours.

Analytical constituents:
 Crude protein       2,7%
 Crude fat       0,6%
 Crude ash       3,5%
 Crude fibre       0,1%
 Lysine       12.000  mg/kg
 Methionine       20.000  mg/kg
 Nutritional additives:              
 Vitamin A       3.000.000  IU/kg
 Vitamin D3       220.000  IU/kg
 Vitamin E       7.700      mg/kg
 Vitamin C       13.000  mg/kg
 Vitamin K3       670      mg/kg
 D-pantothenate calcium       2.400  mg/kg
 Vitamin B1       880      mg/kg
 Vitamin B2       3.500      mg/kg
 Vitamin B6       1.300      mg/kg
 Vitamin B12       6      mg/kg
 Niacin       17.500  mg/kg
 Biotin       33      mg/kg
 Folic acid       330      mg/kg
 E1 - Iron (iron sulphate monohydrate)       2.500      mg/kg
 E2 - Iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous)       100      mg/kg
 E4 - Copper (copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate)       500      mg/kg
 E5 - Manganese (manganese sulphate monohydrate)       5.000      mg/kg
 E6 - Zinc (zinc sulphate monohydrate)       4.500      mg/kg

 - Lactose               
 - Red beetroot powder       5%
 - Glucose               

  Container of 350 gr    

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Composition and Indications: form-mix, plus, oropharma, versele, laga, grit, and, minerals

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