Pigeon Enhancer by ProVital

Pigeon Enhancer by ProVital
Pigeon Enhancer by ProVital Pigeon Enhancer by ProVital

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Pigeon Enhancer (Nutrition) by ProVital is a high quality complement to help in boosting many parameters in your loft. Pigeon Enhancer contains living yeast cells, yeast extract, all you need for pigeons nutrition, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, calcium and protein, is a complete nutritional supplement for all types of pigeons, all nutritional ingredients that our pigeons need. The live yeast when ingested becomes active yeast, it produces large amounts of vitamins th B through their metabolic process that allows birds to benefit from these beneficial and pleasant digestion. Contains diatomaceous earth to help digest food. Pigeon Enhancer contains all the nutrients to help our birds to live a healthy and productive life.
Pigeon Provital Enhancer can be used in conjunction with any products ProVital.
This product is designed to improve the quality of food and supplement the vitamins, calcium, minerals, proteins etc. ... that grains don't have. With ProVital Enhancer no more large additional costs on varied grains, and feed mixtures, all you need for your pigeons is your favorite grains and ProVital Enhancer.
It can be used all year round (races, competitions, training, breeding, moulting etc ...), is compatible with any type of pigeon feed. Some of the benefits found in this product include: reduction in mortality, reduction of digestive diseases, increases the gain in protein, lower in the eggs cracked shells (calcium), increased feed conversion, increase efficiency food and feed quality improvement, increased benefits to players / save money on feed.
 * Good food.
 * Reduction of mortality.
 * Increases protein to help increase wear and growth of muscles in our pigeons.
 * Hard shells in egg production.
 * The increase feed conversion.
 * Increase feed efficiency.
 * Improving the quality of food.
 * Eliminates the most common diseases during breeding, in food.
 * Growth of chicks healthy and well.
 * Feathers healthy and strong.
Indication & dosage:
Use in foods is not soluble in water.
 - Maintenance Mix: 1 tablespoon for 5 lb of food.
 - Mixture for molting and breeding (high stress): 1 and 1/2 tablespoon for 5 lb of food.
Package of 227 gr

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Composition and Indications: pigeon, enhancer, provital, grit, and, minerals

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