Van-Vitamino 16500 - 500ml by Vanhee

Van-Vitamino 16500 - 500ml by Vanhee
Van-Vitamino 16500 - 500ml by Vanhee

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Liquid condition preparation with vitamins and amino acids - Supplement animal feed for pigeons.

Van-Vitamino 16500 is a liquid preparation containing the most important vitamins and amino acids, with a.o. camitine and Medicago Sativa extract (alfalfa) to bring your pigeons into top condition.

- Increases endurance.
- Fast recovery of energy and build-up of energy reserves.
- Supports the metabolism.
- Helps protein build-up.
- Stimulates the functioning of muscles.
- For a healthy plumage.


1 tablespoon per litre of water or ½ kg of feed:

- During the racing season: for short distance, the day before basketing, long distance and very long distance, 2 days before basketing. The day after the race 1 day for fast recovery.
- In case of reduced condition and during the breeding season: 1 to 2 days per week.
- During the moulting season: 1 day per week.

For an increased effect use in combination with Vanisan Nature 15000 or Vanasept Nature 12500.

- Vitamine B3
– Glycine
– Methionine
– Threonine
– Lysine
– Vitamine C
– Vitamine B1
– Vitamine B6
– Isoleucine
– Arginine
– Valine
– Glutamine
– Ornithine
– Alanine
– Asparagine
– Carnitine
– Histidine
– Fenylalanine
– Vitamine B2
– Leucine
– Vitamine E
– Vitamine K
– Tryptophaan
– Serine
–Vitamine A
– Vitamine D3
– Vitamine B12
– Vitamine H
- diluted with Choline Chloride and Medicago Sativa Extract as feedstuff.

- Crude proteins 1,8 %
- Crude fat 1,4 %
- Crude fibre - Crude ash - Total humidity 97 %.

500ml bottle

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Composition and Indications: van-vitamino, 16500, 500ml, vanhee, vitamins

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