Newcastle Disease LA SOTA - PMV Vaccine

Newcastle Disease LA SOTA - PMV Vaccine
Newcastle Disease LA SOTA - PMV Vaccine
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Newcastle Disease LA SOTA - PMV Vaccine.

Live virus treatment for PMV-1 administered in the drinking water or dropped in the nostrils and the eyes of the bird. It is not intended to be a substitute for the injectable PMV-1 vaccine. We only recommend it to be used on young birds prior to and during their young bird racing season. The LA SOTA VACCINE only provides temporary immunity and needs to be re-administered every six to eight weeks.


Directions For Use:

*_ For Intranasal Or Intraocular Vaccination (1,000 Dose Bottles Only)

These Newcastle Disease Vaccines accompanied by diluent are recommended for the vaccination of healthy chickens one day of age or older.

1. Rehydrate 1 vial of vaccine with 1 vial of diluent.

2. Remove seal and stopper from vaccine and diluent vials. Avoid contamination of stoppers and contents.

3. Add diluent to half-fill the vaccine vial. Replace stopper and shake until contents are dissolved.

4. Pour the rehydrated vaccine into the diluent container. Replace stopper and shake.

5. Remove stopper and fit drop-dispenser tip into diluent container.

6. To vaccinate intranasally, place finger over one of the bird’s nostrils and place 1 drop of vaccine in the other nostril. Do not release bird until vaccine has been inhaled.

7. To vaccinate intraocularly, place 1 drop of vaccine in the eye.

*_ For Drinking-water Vaccination

- These Newcastle Disease Vaccines are recommended for the vaccination of healthy pigeons 4-6weeks of age or older.

- 1,000 doses bottle: 1 ounce (28.4 grams) in 2.5 gallons (9.5 liters).

1. Discontinue use of medications or sanitizing agents in the drinking water 24 hours before vaccinating. Do not resume use for 24 hours following vaccination.

2. Water used for the drinking-water administration of a live virus vaccine must be non-chlorinated.

3. Provide enough waterers so two-thirds of the birds may drink at one time. Scrub waterers, with fresh, clean, non-chlorinated water, and use no disinfectant. Let the waterers drain dry.

4. Turn off automatic waterers, so the only available water is the vaccine water. Do not give vaccine water through medication tanks.

5. Withhold water for 2 hours before vaccinating. Do not deprive the birds of water if the temperature is extremely high.

6. Remove seal from vaccine vial.

7. Remove stopper and half-fill with clean, cool, non-chlorinated water.

8. Replace stopper and shake until dissolved.

9. Use a clean container two-thirds filled with cool, clean, non-chlorinated water.

Tip: Our experts recomend, to always adminester a multivitamin and trace elements to restore energy and defenses lost during the vaccination treatment.

Ej: Pantisol by Pantex, Conditie-Mix by Travipharma.



Bottle of 1,000 doses: 1 ounce (28.4 grams)

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