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Pro E Mune by ProVital

Pro E Mune by ProVital
Pro E Mune by ProVital Pro E Mune by ProVital

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Pro E Mune (Immunity for pigeons) by ProVital, this product addresses a real need to the bird fancier.  This high quality supplement is used to boost immunity.  Which means it helps birds fight off disease.  Pro-E-Mune may be used with other Pro-Vital products as well as your favorite vitamins or supplement.  Pro-E-Mune can be used in the water or on the feed.  Pro-E-Mune contains an array of pro-biotics to boost the immune system as well as special ingredients that serve as a sequester of pathogenic bacteria (disease producing bacteria).  Maltodextrin for high energy and other ingredients involved in the healthy immune response and production of anti-bodies to fight off disease.

Contains high concentrations of:

   * Fructo-Oligosaccharides
   * Dextrose
   * Dried egg solids
   * Omega fatty acids
   * Amino acids
   * Alpha Lipoic Acid
   * A proprietary blend of ingredients designed specifically to assist immune boosting


   - Administer everyday for 15 days before and after an introduction to a new environment.
   - Can be administered 15 days before vaccinating against any desease to assist in maintaining a good health status.
   - We recommend using during times of stress or when birds are suspected of having a stressful situation.
   - Can also be used year-round 2-3 times per week, or twice every 1 to 3 month, to assist in maintaining a healthy loft.
   - When first used we recommend using once per day for the first 15 days.  It can then be used weekly at a rate of once or twice a week depending on your aviary and management.

Using this product prior to any vaccination program, (ex. paratyphoid, salmonella, paramyxovirus, and pox virus) our birds have less of the reaction to the vaccines. Our birds seem to recuperate promptly after the vaccinating program and resume their normal life quickly.

The lofts that are managed with Pro E Mune, confirm that pigeons pass vaccination program without convalescence, Pro E Mune confirm that acts as an oral vaccine in the immune system.

Indication & dosage:

Use in water or feed

- 1/2 to 2 tablespoons to a gallon of water.
- 1/2 to 2 tablespoons per pound of food.

Container of 227 gr

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Composition and Indications: pro, mune, provital, grit, and, minerals

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