Rebuild powder 100gr - Rebuild & Repair Muscle - by Pigeon Vitality

Pigeon Product - Rebuild powder 100gr - Rebuild & Repair Muscle - by Pigeon Vitality - Racing Pigeons

Rebuild powder 100gr - Rebuild & Repair Muscle - by Pigeon Vitality
Rebuild powder 100gr - Rebuild & Repair Muscle - by Pigeon Vitality

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Rebuild powder 100gr by Pigeon Vitality is scientific formula and selection of the best amino acids specifically selected to minimise muscle cell damage, ideally suited for ultra fast recuperation and to enhance the development of muscle cell growth in racing pigeons after returning from training and racing flights.

    - Faster Recuperation
    - Rebuild & Repair Muscle Cells
    - Improved Recovery
    - Build Muscles
    - Avoid Muscle Cell Damage

Rebuild – Building Muscle Strength and Fast Recuperation

Micostructure damage of the muscle cells can very easily occur when the pigeons are exposed to stressful, tough and demanding training and racing.
It is therefore vitally important that when the pigeons return to the loft, we as fanciers should do all we can to help them to reduce muscle damage and ensure that they recuperate as fast as possible. In doing this the pigeons will recover quicker ready for their next flight and aid the pigeons to strengthen their muscles resulting in becoming fitter and stronger after each and every race.

Administration and dosage:
½ teaspoon (or one included measure level) per litre water on day of return. We suggest to blend Rebuild with Pigeon Vitality’s Belgamax (electrolytes) for optimal effect.
Replace water in the evening! 24 hour.

Container of 100gr

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