Recu Pure 300g - Recovery Total - by Pantex

Pigeon Product - Recu Pure 300g - Recovery Total - by Pantex - Racing Pigeons

Recu Pure 300g - Recovery Total - by Pantex
Recu Pure 300g - Recovery Total - by Pantex Recu Pure 300g - Recovery Total - by Pantex Recu Pure 300g - Recovery Total - by Pantex

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Recu Pure 300g by Pantex is a unique combination of a power source of high quality and fast protein.
The combination of carbohydrates, amino acids and proteins make it the ideal Recu Pure to manage pigeons who are preparing for races or championship and the pigeons that are recovering after flights.
It will provide for optimal growth, perfect during breeding, plumage and during molting.
Recu Pure stimulates both appetite to eat like the desire to fly. Therefore it gives an extra boost during the racing season.

Recu Pure properties:
• Faster recovery after a race.
• Thanks to the pro-biotic intestinal flora healthier.
• Stimulates the appetite to eat much as the desire to fly.
• Give a perfect feathers during molting.
• Source of energy and protein.

Sodium Bantam corn, maltodextrin and a mixture of aromatics.

1 tablespoon per 1 kg of food.

* When you start training, administered daily for 2 weeks.
* During the racing season, at night when they are at home after returning home.
* It can be easily mixed in the feed, together with Digest Pure.
* Managing for a few days after vaccination or when they are sick until the pigeons have recovered completely.
* During the moulting season: twice a week.

Container of 300 grams

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