Super Anti Slijm S.A.S by Travipharma

Pigeon Product - Super Anti Slijm S.A.S - mucus, stuffy tear ducts, irritated mucous membranes - by Travipharma - Racing Pigeons

Super Anti Slijm S.A.S by Travipharma
Super Anti Slijm S.A.S by Travipharma

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Super Anti Slijm S.A.S by Travipharma is a unique treatment for racing pigeons.

Too much mucus in the nasal cavity and malfunctioning tear ducts can affect the sense of direction and flight performance of the pigeon. This is probably the cause of the so-called 'THICK HEADS.

Chunky heads (feathers on the ears stand up, hence the
name "Big-Heads")
K *
ck blue or bright red in color and too much mucus
* Palate crack pot close or even wide open
* Wet eyes and sometimes a difficulty breathing
* No desire to train.

SUPER ANTI SLIJM (nasal drops), a combination of essential oils and minerals, is a care product that has a positive effect on the airways (mucus, stuffy tear ducts, irritated mucous membranes, etc.).
In 10 ml vial (approximately 120 pigeons).

In each nostril 1 to 2 drops (alternately). Head retention as well, to shake avoid going tears to the eyes. After a few seconds, starts to operate SUPER-ANTI mucus. DO NOT go the eyes tears, the tear ducts are very congested, repeat SUPER ANTI SLIJM. SUPER ANTI SLIJM you can use the week to 1 day before basketing. For best results, when doves mycoplasmosis are sick, you can use SUPER ANTI SLIJM in combination with a "THICK-HEADS" cure.

Step 1:

SAS 1 small

Cup dove right clamps between your fingers!

Step 2:

SAS 2 small

1 to 2 drops into each nostril give.

Step 3:

SAS 3 small

Just mouth open and close.

20 sec. wait, the pigeon may then again in the loft.

-Clear eyes
-Clean and pink coloured throat
-Snow-white wattles.

10 ml bottle

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