Dextrotonic by Oropharma - Versele Laga

Dextrotonic by Oropharma - Versele Laga
Dextrotonic by Oropharma - Versele Laga

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Oropharma Dextrotonic is the ideal energy supplement for racing pigeons: water-soluble electrolytes, trace elements, dextrose, fructose and L-arginine L-aspartate. It increases the performance capacity, ensures quick and optimal recovery after heavy exertion or illness. It helps tired pigeons to recover and strengthens in case of muscular weakness. Dextrotonic is a powerful energy supplement. The pigeon can recover quickly by providing it with high levels of dextrose and fructose, direct sources of energy. L-arginine L-aspartate is added to Dextrotonic to overcome fatigue. The electrolytes support the fluid balance and ensure an optimal acid-base balance in muscles and blood. As a result dehydration and disruption of the biological balance is avoided. The trace elements ensure optimal metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. The combination of all these components increases the pigeon's performance capacity. 
Directions for use:
During 2 days before basketing 3 bottle tops (15 ml) of Dextrotonic per litre of drinking water or
per 0.5 kg of feed. Increased effect when used in combination with Oropharma Omniform.
Analytical constituents:
 Crude protein   1,32   % 
 Crude ash   4,49  % 
 Sodium   7.700  mg/kg 
 Nutritional additives:        
 Arginine-aspartate   9.368  mg/kg 
 E1 - Iron (iron sulphate heptahydrate)   412  mg/kg 
 E5 - Manganese (manganese sulphate monohydrate)   0,6  mg/kg 
 E6 - Zinc (zinc sulphate heptahydrate)   767  mg/kg 
 E223 - Sodium metabisulphite   560  mg/kg 
 Sodium chloride      
 Magnesium sulphate      
Bottle  500 ml  

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