Travi-Anti-Sect 500ml - insecticide - by Travipharma

Pigeon Product - Travi-Anti-Sect 500ml - insecticide - by Travipharma - Racing Pigeons

Travi-Anti-Sect 500ml - insecticide - by Travipharma
Travi-Anti-Sect 500ml - insecticide - by Travipharma

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Travi-Anti-Sect 500ml by Travipharma is made of biodegradable substances and is odorless, non-irritating insecticide and not harmful to the environment.

to control insects such as mites, lice, cockroaches, wasps, ants, moths, ticks, fleas, flies, etc.

It contains per 1000 ml:
     - 8000 mg permethrin.
     - 2000 mg piperonyl butoxide.

Dosage and Administration:
For topical application to the skin or feathers. Shake well before use, does not damage the pen.

Dose. 1-2 sprays.
     - Spray Travi-Anti-Sect in the animal with a distance of 15 cm, the care of the eyes and nose. Let dry, do not rinse.
     - In pigeons and poultry: 1 sprays under the wings or tail bone.
     - For a good igiene, spray Travi-Anti-Sect in the environment of birds, kennels, hangers, step peo- avitables (drawers, windows, cracks, seams, doors, etc.) where insects enter.
Repeat treatment after 6 weeks if necessary. The spray does not affect the quality of skin or feathers.

Waiting Period:
Wait at least two days after treatment with washing animal.

500 ml bottle

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